Local Round Olympiad

FISO (Future Intelligence Students Olympiad) Local Olympiad

During this global pandemic period we witnessed students’ shift to the online learning system. A Mathematics and English competition for students of grades 1 – 12, with seven categories. In addition, Art competition for students of grades 1 – 12, with two categories. The key competence tested by FISO online is logical combination, not just pure knowledge of formulas.

Aiming to encourage students to study and critical thinking. FISO community decided to conduct a Local Olympiad of FISO with subjects of mathematics, English language and art around the world, with intention of to boost the motivation of both teachers and students who have been bored, lost goal-oriented character and stimulus for study under this difficult global pandemic times, when most of the Olympiads and competitions are forced to be cancelled or postponed until unknown time. FISO Olympiad team also hopes this competition will help all types of schools to keep their students engaged and to observe their Mathematics, English and Art education in an international arena.

Final Round Registration Date:  Starts after Local Event
Final Round Registration Deadline: 
Final Round Exam Date:  January 8th, 2022

1.FISO competitions are organized in the Online Olympiad around the world.
2.Local Round Olympiad will be organized by Local Coordinators.
3.The Final Round Olympiad will be organized by FISO Community.
4.The International Round Olympiad will be organized by FISO Community.
5.Participant’s grades of FISO must be from 1st till to 12th grades for Mathematics and English categories.

Category 1: KG level

Category 2: 1st – 2nd Grades

Category 3: 3rd – 4th Grades

Category 4: 5th – 6th Grades

Category 5: 7th – 8th Grades

Category 6: 9th – 10th Grades

Category 7: 11th – 12th Grades

6.Participant’s grades of FISO must be from 1 till to 12 grades for Art category.

Category 1: from 1st till to 6th Grades
Category 2: from 7th till to 12th Grades

7.FISO art category is designed by hand drawing format. (no photoshop)

8.FISO art category is designed in jpg format uploaded in http://www.usa-fiso.com.(max:10 Mb)

1.Awards of Local Round Olympiad will be covered by Local Coordinators such as: money, printed certificates and medals. (E-certificate and Medal Logo will be sent by FISO Committee)

2.Awards of Final Round Olympiad will be covered by FISO Committee such as: money, e-certificates etc.

Awards for Local round
– Printable e-certificates for all participants
– Printable e-certificates and medals for gold winner (5 % of Total students)
– Printable e-certificates and medals for silver winner (10 % of Total students)
– Printable e-certificates and medals for bronze winner (15 % of Total students)
*Winner prize per category

(B) Responsibilities of the Local Coordinators;
1.Partner is strictly not allowed to change the structure of competition or events.
2.Local Olympiad will be held by Local Coordinators.
3.Organizing classrooms and preparing students for FISO during exams.
4.After exam events will be given to student’s certificates and awards by Local Coordinators that are certificates prepared by FISO Community.
5.With the approval and/or any request of FISO, the Partner agrees to undertake all reasonable steps required to organize the event in the mentioned county and make all necessary promotions to relevant third parties to increase participants number for the event.
6.Partner must ask for approval of the FISO before using any of the associated intellectual property of the FISO brand name.
7.The Partner shall collect all the registration fees for Online Competition Events sent to FISO before the deadline date.
8.The Partner shall not involve itself in any act in any manner which damages Competition.
9.The Partner agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions which are already published on the Official FISO Website.
10.The Partner undertakes that it shall keep the terms of this Agreement, any information that it has acquired that is confidential in nature concerning the other party that it shall not use or disclose the other Party’s Confidential Information to any person.
11.The Partner agrees to follow the instructions of FISO and not to breach any obligations arising out of this agreement.

In any breach of the obligation, FISO will give notice to the partner and partner shall immediately stop the breach.
If not stopped, FISO will terminate the agreement to be effective as of the date of the breach and compensate any actual or implied losses from the Partner.



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