The Physics Olympiad is a competition for motivated high school students. Our main goal is to challenge young physics enthusiasts and to connect likeminded people.

The Physics Olympiad is a competition designed in theoretical physics. In a zeroth-order approximation, the purpose of this Olympiad is to play with non-trivial questions and to learn through competition. To a first-order approximation, the goal is to find people interested in theoretical science and to help students gain experience with modern research skills.

Our only requirement is that participants be high school students. We hope to attract students who are interested in physics, from school all around the world. Students may have different backgrounds, so we encourage collaboration between high school of all years of study. The Olympiad will consist of 25 questions (20 multiple choice questions and 5 open questions) on different topics of modern theoretical physics, of varying difficulty. Problems from prior years should be good practice, but there are sample questions to prepare for this competition.

Being able to work fluidly with sources is an extremely important part of research, so we permit the use of external references throughout the Olympiad, provided that they are cited appropriately.




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