Category 1: Grades 3rd – 4th

Animal kingdom, Knowing Birds; Plants: Our Friends; Human Body; Matter; Environment and Atmosphere; Motion and Transport; Natural Resources; Animals; Functioning of Human Body; Measurement, Matter and Materials; Force, Work and Energy; Our Environment; Our Universe;

Category 2: Grades 5th – 6th

Human Body and Nutrition; Plants; Animals; Housing; Soil, Rocks and Minerals; Work, Force, Energy and Simple Machines; Our Environment and Natural Calamities; Our Universe; Light and Sound; Matter; Food; Fibre to Fabric; Grouping Materials and Their Separation; Changes Around Us; Living Organisms and Their Habitats; Body Movements; Motion and Measurement of Distances; Light, Shadow and Reflection; Electricity and Magnets; Environment;

Category 3: Grades 7th – 8th

Nutrition; Fibre to Fabric; Physical and Chemical Changes; Acids, Bases and Salts; Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate; Winds, Storms and Cyclones; Life Processes; Motion and Time; Electricity and Light; Our Environment; Crop Production; Microorganisms; Materials; Coal and Petroleum; Conservation of Plants and Animals; Cell Structure and Functions; Reproduction; Force and Friction; Sound; Chemical Effects of Current; Light; Solar System; Pollution of Air and Water.

Category 4: Grades 9th – 10th

Matter; Atoms and Molecules; Cells; Tissues; Diversity in Living Organisms; Force and Motion; Gravitation; Work, Energy and Sound; Why Do We Fall Ill; Improvement in Food Resources; Chemical Reactions; Acids, Bases and Salts; Metals and Non-Metals; Carbon and Its Compounds; Periodic Classification of Elements; Life Processes; Reproduction; Control and Coordination; Heredity and Evolution; Light and Human Eye; Electricity and Magnetic Effects of Electric Current; Sources of Energy; Natural Resources; Our Environment;



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